Frequently Asked Questions

Massage Vegas, Massage Fishers and "A Place To Party" take COVID-19, the corona virus of 2020 very seriously. We have been studying this and preparing. We are prepared using the recommended action plan from both local government and federal agencies.  Click here for more info.

 No. We can help people with parties for all ages. Children love our massage chairs. With the proper amount of padding we have had children around age 5 have a blast in "theme park" like massage chair. Teens and adults alike appreciate the multi-media experience with surround sound music and privacy.

 We charge by the person. While each particular event cost can vary, typically they are $45 for 2 hours or $60 for 3 hours per person.

You can expect an instant text and email response with great information. Wait for 2 emails of information to arrive and then reply to the text you receive to ask direct questions that remain unanswered. We love technology to make communication rapid & easier, but we rely on the human element to ensure your event turns out 100% special. So feel free to call as well.

We want to be as accommodating as possible. We have 7 days/nights a week availability. Parties that start after 10pm may have a small surcharge added.

For guaranteed private, exclusive access to the facility, a minimum party size of 5 is recommended. We have done as many as 25.

Currently, we host parties in Indianapolis at Massage Fishers  and in Las Vegas at Massage Vegas.